Rana Partap Singh KBC

KBC Lottery Manager Rana Partab Singh WhatsApp Number

Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC or KBC Lucky Draw is a lottery scheme that is being run by the KBC Head Office and distributing many KBC prizes among the participants. The KBC Management is actively working 24/7 to deliver all detail to whoever calls them. Apart from the grand Kaun Banega Crorepati show, the KBC Head Office is running many lottery schemes like KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw, KBC IMO lucky draw, JIO KBC Lottery Winner, and much more. Who is managing these lottery schemes at the KBC Head Office? Well, there is a KBC Lottery Manager who is looking after all the lottery matters quite efficiently. The KBC lottery Manager Name is Rana Partab Sigh. Let’s know more about him.

KBC Lottery and KBC Lucky Draw

The uniqueness of the KBC Lucky Draw is that every Indian can participate in it without paying any registration fee. Moreover, it has a very simple registration process, and no need to fill a lot of forms. Simply, you need to have a JIO SIM card and an active WhatsApp account on the number. You will be automatically part of the JIO KBC Lucky Draw. However, you can also call the KBC Head Office Number +917081156519 to confirm your registration and get your KBC lottery number. There is also a KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number helpline to contact the KBC Management for details about lottery schemes.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager Photo

A lot of fake callers are doing fraudulent activities in the name of KBC Manager Rana Partap Singh. Moreover, they are also looting money from innocent Indians. Therefore, whenever you receive such a call who says I am Rana Partap Singh from KBC immediately ask him to show his identity card. How you will recognize Rana Partab Singh. Well, here is Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager Photo.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager Photo

Moreover, if the fake caller is unable to provide you the identity then immediately call us at our KBC Head Office WhatsApp helpline and we will take care of the matter. We are here to make Indians financially strong as well as prevent them from scammers.

How can I contact the KBC Lottery Manager?

If you want to know about the detail of the KBC lottery schemes, your confirmation about KBC registration, or any other issue, then call the KBC Head Office Numbers. When you will call the KBC official WhatsApp number any KBC officer will attend the call and you can ask him to get me through with Rana Partap Singh, the KBC Manager. You can speak with him and discuss your issues as well as can get any details regarding the KBC Lottery.

What is the KBC Lottery Manager WhatsApp Number?

You might be looking for the WhatsApp number of the KBC Manager for lottery schemes at the KBC Head Office. Well, Rana Partap Singh WhatsApp number is +917081156519. You can call on this KBC WhatsApp Number and talk with him. He will rectify all your issues, concerns, and can give you a lottery number as well. Eventually, you can get a chance to become a millionaire in a few days.

So, call right now at the KBC Head Office WhatsApp Helpline +917081156519, confirm your registration, and have a chance to be a KBC Lucky winner of 25 lakhs.