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KBC Head Office Number

Life is full of opportunities. Fortune favors the brave. This is what we have been listening to so far since our childhood. No doubt, everyone has dreams in his life and wants to fulfill them. However, life is not easy and you have to work very hard to chase your dreams. But there are some other ways too where you can test your luck and become a millionaire in a very short time. Really? Yep, you are reading it right. Kaun Banega Crorepati Show in India is changing the lives of many and making them fulfill their dreams. The KBC Head Office is working day and night on different projects and schemes to alleviate poverty in the country. Therefore, the KBC Head Office Number WhatsApp is introduced for easy access of Indian citizens. So, they can get all details about KBC Prizes and other schemes easily.

About KBC Head Office

The KBC Heaf Office has its further sub-branches in the big cities so underprivileged Indians can visit those offices and can get all the necessary detail about KBC  and its prize schemes. The follwing are the KBC sub head offices.


Ser NoKaun Banega Crorepati Head Office
1.KBC Head Office Mumbai
2.KBC Head Office Kolkata
3.KBC Head Office Dehli

Each KBC Head office has its own designated WhatsApp Number so you can call them and get all your desired details. also, you can call them to check whether your SIM Card number is included or not in the KBC Lucky Draw.

What is the KBC Head Office Number?

As I have mentioned earlier, KBC Management has launched KBC official Helpline for each KBC Head Office so more and more people can get benefits. Here are all the KBC office WhatsApp Numbers.

Ser NoKBC Head OfficeKBC office WhatsApp Number
1.KBC Head Office Mumbai WhatsApp Number+917081156519
2.KBC India Head Office WhatsApp Number+919050439846
3.KBC Lottery Manager WhatsApp Number +17869552557

You can call on these KBC Head offices WhatsApp numbers and confirm your lottery ticket as well as can make to include your name in the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw.

KBC HEad Office Number WhatsApp

How can I contact KBC Head Office?

To contact the KBC Head office, you should follow the following steps.

  1. First of all decide that which KBC head office number you are calling
  2. Now, install WhatsApp in your mobile. If you don’t have then click this link and istall it
  3. After you have installed the WhatsApp, register it on your active mobile number
  4. Then save the KBC Head Office Number in your mobile
  5. Open the WhatsApp and click on new chat or new call and search for the KBC Head office number
  6. Now make a call or message and KBC official will contact you
  7. Moreover, you can also contact the KBC Head Office WhatsApp number by clicking on this number +917081156519.

Why you sould call KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number?

You can call the KBC office WhatsApp number to confirm either your number is registered for the KBC lottery or KBC Lucky Draw. If it is not registered, then you can ask the KBC officer to include it in the lucky draw. Also, you can get your lottery number from the KBC Head Office that you can check later through the KBC online lottery check system whether you have won the KBC prize of 25 lakh rupees or not.

Moreover, if you get any fake call in the name of the KBC lottery manager, Rana Partab Singh, or pretending any KBC department officer, you can report that immediately to us. We will look after that and will protect you from any potential scam. Only receive a call from the KBC Official WhatsApp Number +917081156519.

Is KBC Office WhatsApp Number real?

Many scammers have looted innocent Indians in the name of KBC and it is very hard for them to trust such calls. However, we are the real KBC Team that is on a mission to transform the lives of poor Indians and providing them a chance to become overnight millionaires. The fake calls are mostly received from the number started with +19, +971, and +92. Ignore such a number and only call the KBC Office by dialing the KBC official number on WhatsApp starting from +91.

Kaun Banega Crorepati is providing you with a golden chance to fulfill your dreams and testing your luck without any hectic effort. So, once in a life participate in the KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw and have a chance t become a KBC Lucky Winner by winning a prize of 25 lakhs.